Eastern North Carolina Generator Maintenance

All generators require periodic maintenance, such as oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service.

We recommend you have your unit serviced every 6 months. For your convenience, CB Energy Solutions offers annual maintenance contracts for a worry-free ownership experience.

Our Popular Maintenance Plans

We offer different plans based on key factors that help us put together the best plan to keep your investment reliable and dependable. The location of the generator as well as the annual hours of runtime are the main factors.

A typical Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan includes a long list of key focus points specified by Generac. Some of those points are but not limited to oil and filter change, air filter inspection/replacement, spark-plug inspection/replacement, battery inspection/replacement, valve inspection/adjustment, fuel system safety inspection, and automatic transfer switch function test.

Portable generators are just like home standby generators as they need to be maintained annually in order to be reliable and dependable. Where they differ is their fuel sources. Normally portable generators use gasoline and their fuel systems need to be properly cared for especially during extended periods of down time between uses.

Our maintenance plans give the portable generator a much better chance for success when it is needed.

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    Air Cooled Generator Maintenance
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    Liquid Cooled Generator Maintenance
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    Portable Generator Maintenance
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Maintain Your Investment

You invested in a Generac automatic home backup generator, and now you’re never without power. But just like a car, air-cooled backup generators need to be properly maintained to perform as intended.

With power outages taking place daily throughout the country and hurricane season just around the corner, the experts at Generac have provided a few maintenance tips to keep your generator operating properly and at optimal efficiency.

Eastern North Carolina Generator sales, service, maintenance & installations..

Maintenance Tips

For optimal efficiency when using your air-cooled generator, follow these tips.


  • Verify that the generator is not placed in direct path of irrigation systems, downspouts, or positioned underneath an eve without a gutter.
  • Verify the generator has proper clearance of 18” from the back and 36” on each side of the generator (including plants, fences and other materials).
  • Verify the unit mounting surface is in good condition (free from cracks, stable, level, etc.).
  • Check the area surrounding the unit for evidence of excess water (standing water, eroded landscape, water marks on enclosure, etc.).


  • Verify all foreign material is removed from inside and outside the enclosure.
  • Verify the intake and exhaust louvers on the sides of the generator are clean and free of debris.

Control Panel

  • Verify the control panel fuse has not opened.


  • Verify the battery terminals are clean and tight.

Fuel System

  • Check the integrity of the fuel system components (fuel plenum, regulator assembly, external fuel lines, etc.).
  • Check all fuel system fittings to ensure they are tight and not leaking.
  • Verify the fuel system is clear of debris and corrosion.*

Engine System

  • Verify that the engine oil level is sufficient.
  • Inspect the air filter and determine if replacement is needed.

* When exposed over time to high moisture due to improper installation, lack of proper maintenance and subject to harsh environmental conditions, the fuel system can corrode and leak fuel when the generator is attempting to start, posing a potential unit fire.