Frequently Asked Questions

Factory trained and certified in Sales, service, and warranty repair/processing. Our reputation throughout the local and power management communities speaks in volume. The owner (Chris) has many hours of training and certifications and with his electrical degree and 25 years of electrical construction experience, he has built a company and workforce by sharing his education and experiences.


  1. Schedule on-site evaluation to determine your needs and what it will take to accommodate them.
  2. During on-site evaluation, the home electrical system and appliances are inspected to ensure proper sizing of the generator.
  3. Site selection of where the generator will be located.
  4. Two payment process: first payment is for the generator and the stand of choice and is due to begin the project, the second and final payment is for the installation labor and materials and is due once the system is complete.

Yes! We can offer attractive financing options for our new system installs.

Absolutely. We all are trained through Generac’s Service Technician program.

It depends on your generator and its location but an Air-Cooled generator service should take between 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Unless your transfer switch is inside or there are gate or locks preventing access, there is no need for you to be there during the service.

We will always contact you before we do anything outside of the scope we agreed on.

Absolutely. We are here to support Generac throughout Eastern North Carolina and all of their products.

Absolutely. Think about the generator as your car. We depend on our cars, so we have maintenance performed to keep them reliable.

Annually or depending on the usage and location.

Yes. Our annual maintenance plans are offered via word of mouth or through legal contract. They are priced based on the location and type of service. We offer Residential, Commercial, and Industrial maintenance agreements.

We do it all! Just give us a call and we will process and perform any services needed to get your warrantied generator back operational.

Generators whenever possible provide a secondary electrical supply (back-up) to the local electrical utility. The generator is connected to a transfer switch which is connected to the existing electrical service of the property. If the generator system is an automatic type, the generator will automatically come on when the utility power isn’t sufficient and will shut-down when the utility power is acceptable again.

An Automatic Generator System monitors the local utility voltage and if that voltage drops below an acceptable reading, the generator automatically starts and applies power to the property. Once the utility voltage is acceptable, the generator system will automatically shutdown and begin using utility power.

An Air-Cooled generator uses a fan to move air across it where a liquid-cooled has a radiator just like your car or truck. Air-Cooled generators cost less to maintain and repair. Liquid-Cooled generators are used for larger electrical demands but do cost more to maintain and repair.

Yes it can but preferably only temporarily.

Portable generators typically run on gasoline and if not maintained while not in use can require costly repairs. Portable generators normally need to be manually started, fuel level monitored and filled, and kept out of the weather. An Automatic Home Standby generator system is permanently mounted and is weatherproof. It is connected to a normally large fuel source which will require less attention. Automatic systems start themselves as well as shutdown.

Most online buying options for generators do not provide critical information needed before making the purchase. Many factors come together to determine what generator(s) are right for your application and more times than none, you don’t get that information from those type of purchases which drives their sale costs down as they don’t spend any one-on-one time.

Generac generators have protection circuits that monitor their loads and in the event of an overload, they will shutdown to protect themselves.

By contacting your local building inspection department.

t is possible to run longer but we suggest that every 24 hours of continuous runtime you check the oil. Even though the generator has protection circuits monitoring the oil level and pressure, if you are capable, its a good idea to check.

Yes; However, if you have a computer server, it may be necessary to plan for that during the sizing phase.

Yes, as long as the generator is sized correctly.

That will be determined by your needs and location. A general rule is to have 3 days minimum of fuel supply. Depending on the generator you have or propose to install, the tanks could be different based on the consumption rate of your generator.

You need to have an “On-Site” consultation to evaluate the property, electrical service, and appliances to be supplied. However, you can use Generac’s Sizing Tool page to get a starting point.

The major two reasons we see are due to medical equipment in the home or just simple convenience.

In Eastern North Carolina, the air itself is corrosive, so the aluminum enclosure ensures protection from the environment without corrosion.

Load management modules are used to keep certain loads from coming on together or when the generator first starts up. Electrical hot water heaters, HVAC compressors, and water pumps are a few devices that load management modules can be used for.

A transfer switch is the device that selects what power source to send into your house. The electric utility and the generator are connected to it. They are either Automatic and require no human interaction or manual and require someone to manually move a lever to select the power source.

Yellow means the generator needs attention but it will operate if needed. Always a good idea to call your service technician if a yellow light is present.

A red LED indicates that your generator WILL NOT OPERATE if needed. There is something preventing it from being ready to operate and requires a service technician be called to resolve.

Yes. However, it is critical that you follow Generac’s installation guidelines in order not to void the warranty.